Fanovi šalju prelepe poruke Ethanu i Graysonu Dolanu zbog smrti njihovog oca

Šaljemo mnogo ljubavi Ehanu i Graysonu Dolanu.

Tokom  vikenda, poznati devetnestogodišnji blizanci su na Instagram postavili srceparajuće postove u kojima slave život svog oca, Seana Dolana. Pored preslatkih slika iz detinjstva, momci su napisali i predivne poruke za svog oca koji s borio sa rakom poslednje dve godine.

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Dad, you were so much more to me than just my Dad. Although we were only granted 19 years here together it feels like we’ve spent a million lifetimes together. You are such a strong soul and you’ve made such a strong impact on more people than you would believe. I know you will always be with me but I want you to know that I will always be with you. You’re never alone Dad. You are the toughest man that I will EVER know. The pain you endured, physical and emotional, throughout your entire journey that you prevailed through is indescribable and I admire you so much for pushing through without a single complaint. You are the strongest man I will EVER know. The sacrifices you made for your family throughout your journey could not be done without prodigious courage. You always put others first even if it meant the worst for yourself. You are the sweetest most caring man I will EVER know. The consideration you had for everyone and anyone is truly heartwarming. You were a father figure and friend to all of my friends too. I could go on for eternity, I really could. When you were very sick you told us, “This disease may get my body, but not my mind and not my heart. As long as my heart is beating I will still be fighting.” That is exactly what you did Dad. That is something I will always remember when faced with adversity. You fought the hardest fight. Cancer may have taken your life but with the strength and dignity you showed, and the inspiration you left us with, you won the battle Dad. I wanted to share this letter I wrote my dad so that I could help you understand the amazing person he was. He did so much good for the world and deserves recognition.

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You will forever be my best friend. I miss you so fuckin much already Dad. I know that even though you’re not physically here with me on earth, that you are with me in spirit. You are responsible for making me the person that I am so proud to be today. All of the lessons that you’ve taught me have stuck with me and I will use them moving onward for the rest of my life. You are and forever will be my favorite person that I will ever know. You went always above and beyond for me. You never missed a sporting event, school event, show on tour, anything that ever meant anything to me you were always there to support me. Even when you were too sick to get up, you figured out a way to comfort me and help me with anything I needed. You never left my corner. When I was sick in the hospital after I was just born you sat in the room with a hand on me talking to me until I got better. I will always remember that and that is one of the most special things anyone has ever done for me. You’ve changed the lives of so many people for the better. All of your students, teachers, friends, and family will never forget how great of a man you were, and how special you made them feel. You raised me into a man for the past 19 years, but I can honestly say that I’ve learned the most from you in the past 2 1/2. Two and a half years ago you were diagnosed with this bullshit and you never let it fade you. Not once did I hear you complain about your condition. You held your head as high as you physically could and fought on and on until you won that fucking battle. When the doctors said you only had a year to live after being diagnosed, you push and battled for 2 and 1/2 years! Last week when the doctor told us you had less than a week to live you stood your ground and stayed with us for a week and an extra day. That alone shows the type of man you were, a fighter. You never let cancer fade you Dad, it may have taken your body, but your heart, your mind, and your soul came out victorious. Congratulations Dad. You won. Look down and see your reward. The lives you’ve changed and people you’ve impacted so deeply. You’re the man. I love you Dad.

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Kada su njihovi fanovi čuli te tužne vesti, poslali su im tonu lepih, pozitivnih i ohrabrujućih poruka kako bi im pomogli da prebrode težak period.

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